The company said its ads were not infected with any virus, and Google (GOOG) cleared the company and halted the malware warnings. According to Twitter users, sites such as The New York Times, The.

ANDROID WARNING – Fake Google Maps app loaded with malware downloaded from Google Play – Android smartphone owners are being warned about fake Google Maps apps loaded with malware that have been downloaded from the Google Play Store. The dangerous apps can trick users into granting it.

A new crop of malicious apps available through Google’s Play Store has been unearthed.

this suggests a high level of sophistication in the code needed to run the malware. While these apps have.

A few days before Christmas last year, shoppers who used Honey on Amazon websites started receiving a warning.

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LightRocket via Getty Images Google’s Android Play Store is increasingly under fire for allowing malware ridden apps to plague its users. But another warning has been issued to Android users after.

The Street, a known financial news site, said it has discontinued using Google advertisements "until the issue is resolved." Hello, Chrome users. We’re aware some of you are seeing malware warnings.

Android fans are being warned about a number of phones which come with malware loaded on them straight out of the box. Android is one of the most popular pieces of software in the world, with over two.

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Now, it looks like some Huawei phones have started to mark Google Allo as a security threat, with a prompt telling users that.

A malicious "clicker trojan" has been detected and reported by security researchers, who have warned that the malware has now been bundled with 34 different Google Play apps and installed more than.