What Is Searchindex Exe

“Windows Vista Search Indexer has stopped working” – do you see this.

that Microsoft has finally released a small patch that updates Windows Search Indexer (SearchIndexer.exe) and should cure the.

Fixing Windows Vista, Part 5: Faster, smarter search – At any given time, the SearchIndexer service uses only a small percentage of.

and because Outlook runs as a child process of Explorer.exe they can also affect Windows Explorer.) If you’re impatient.

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Many times, the users tend to complain that SearchIndexer.exe tends to use a very high amount of CPU power or displays high disk usage. This eventually slows down the entire performance of the.

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help! To begin I did have McAfee but deleted it and I am now using Avast. I fell victim to the idea that something free can’t be as good as something that.

See if you can terminate the SearchIndexer.exe process via the Task Manager. If you can and it stays terminated, fine, but I have found that it restarts gain after a few minutes, due to Windows.

When you examine your computer’s running tasks, Windows displays a process titled "SearchIndexer.exe." This process is related to the Windows Search Indexer, a service designed to monitor additions.

WinXP desktop doesn’t load – HJT log – I’ve searched for 2 weekends now on solutions to the problem I am having with my son’s relatively new computer (arrived 9/10/07). I’ve tried numerous suggestions from numerous sites (mainly this one).

This time, it was Windows Defender generating the I/O. As I battled with the Services control panel applet to shut that puppy down, I noticed to my horror that SearchIndexer.exe was now back from the.