Adchoices Removal Samsung S8

Galaxy S8 will likely ditch headphone jack – The rumors keep coming about the Samsung Galaxy S8, and this one might not make you happy.

But one of the biggest gripes about the handset’s design was Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack.

A deeper look at Samsung’s Galaxy S8 – If you’re considering an Android smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 seems to be the popular favorite but is it.

laundry in my apartment’s shared washers. Samsung decided to remove the ability to remap.

Months before Apple could release a new iPhone that’s all screen, glorious screen, Samsung beat it to the punch.

Rumors include an edge-to-edge screen and the removal of the physical home button –.

We’ve already seen Samsung unveil three new Galaxy smartphones ahead of CES 2017, but the star of the show for Samsung in the first half of the year is undoubtedly the upcoming Galaxy S8, which is.

This would see the S8 follow in the footsteps of the Note 7. It would also provide Samsung with an opportunity to take the next big design step, remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, and push all of the.

What happened? Samsung’s Galaxy S7, released last year, was a very nice smartphone: comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use. It was Samsung’s best Galaxy model ever—not so much the new Galaxy S8,

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Samsung’s next trick is to use the same technique that Google does. This isn’t a hardware feature, but one that works in software. To do this, the S8 and S8+ each take three.

but allow the removal.

Samsung’s premium phones really set the bar high for future devices. Any features it removes for the S8 would feel like a step back. While it’s possible the S8 will remove the headphone jack and go.