How To Restart Safari

Your browser is your window onto the world, the app you rely on most during the day. You want to wring every last drop of usefulness out of it. It definitely pays to.

Not every iPhone owner wants to use Safari; not every PC user likes the standard-issue.

Microsoft Edge for web browsing, and so on—click the Reset button underneath the list of default apps. You.

Click on Restart on the Popup. This can solve many of the issues, and get you back to working with better battery life. If Chrome is the app using all your battery life, the best thing to do is to.

The feature has worked automatically for certain video apps on iOS for some time now, but if you’re using a Mac and Apple’s Safari browser.

You can pause and restart it, take it out of PiP mode, or.

After the customer care agent is convinced with your answers, they will ask you to provide the serial number of the.

Safari can slow down sometimes. We show you how to remove the clutter and get your iOS or macOS web browser running at full speed Safari is one of the fastest browsers around, both on the desktop and.

How To Get Rid Of Adchoices On Android How to add, remove, and manage accounts on your Android phone – Everyone who owns an Android phone has a Google account. and it’ll be instantly wiped away from your phone. If you want to get rid of an account completely, you can do that in the Accounts menu. From there, you can add just

Chrome will then prompt you to restart the browser. After Chrome has restarted.

If you use a Mac or an iPhone, we have good news for you: Reader Mode is enabled by default in Safari! If you look at.

How to Clear the Cache on iPhone and iPad – Note that when you clear Safari browsing history on a device running iOS 11 or.

For example, there’s a cache reset option for Slack in the main Settings app (Settings -> Slack -> Reset cache on.