What Is Pokki?

When Windows 8 launched last year, Pokki came out with an app that brought the familiar Start menu back to the operating system. Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, Pokki is updating the.

Enter companies such as SweetLabs, which recently released a free Windows 8 build of their Pokki application that helps people find, launch and organize their Windows 8 files. We got a chance to chat.

This morning Pokki, a product of Sweet Labs, announced that it will expand its application recommendation engine to Android devices, and enhance its app store for what the company calls “multi mode”.

That headline isn’t exactly right, in that it’s not completely correct. Pokki is a platform that I’ve spent a good part of today trying to decipher, and haven’t fully unlocked; there is something to.

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Best known for its slick way of slipping the Start Menu into Windows 8, innovative app platform Pokki (pronounced "poke-key") brings Web and mobile apps—including some which are exact replicas of.

SweetLabs wants to make the transition smoother for them by bringing the Start menu to the Windows 8 desktop with its Pokki software. In addition to resurrecting the Start menu, Pokki for Windows 8,

How to restore the classic Start menu with Pokki for Windows 8 – The latest in a lineup of Start menu replacements for Windows 8, Pokki is a free, fluid tool for users who crave more than the new Start screen. Pokki for Windows 8 joins a growing list of Windows 8.

After securing Acer as its first major OEM deal, Pokki, an alternative Windows application marketplace and Start Button replacement, today secured Lenovo as its newest partner. The deal will see Pokki.

When Pokki left beta, what feels like just a moment ago, the company announced that it had some 1 million active monthly users. This morning the company, a product of Sweet Labs, has announced that.