What Is Pokki Start Menu

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When Windows 8 launched last year, Pokki came out with an app that brought the familiar Start menu back to the operating system. Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, Pokki is updating the.

Many Windows users will find it jarring. That said, SweetLabs‘ new Pokki app for Windows 8 offers its own version of the Start menu for users who want to check out the new the things Microsoft.

The face of Windows 8 — the tablet-like, tile-based Start Screen that comes up every time you start a new PC — is nicely designed and works well on touchscreens. But a lot of people hate it. They do.

The free Classic Shell and Pokki go beyond adding a Start menu, offering extra features that actually improve the Windows experience. In fact, both of them predate Windows 8, making them the only.

The world’s largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo, will begin installing a piece of software onto all of its Windows 8 machines that will bring users closer to the traditional start menu. Pokki.

Pokki Start Menu Installing process & ReviewWindows 8 Killed The Start Menu, But A Startup Named Pokki Brought It Back – Along with the mobile app functionality, Pokki has included it’s own version of the missing "start menu" in the form of the "Pokki menu," which restores the functionality that Windows users will.

The company has made a risky but necessary bet to gain a strong foothold into the tablet market, and in the process it is getting rid of the familiar Start menu button. Fresh out of beta.

The latest in a lineup of Start menu replacements for Windows 8, Pokki is a free, fluid tool for users who crave more than the new Start screen. Pokki for Windows 8 joins a growing list of Windows.