Heavily Damaged By Four Virus

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The pair registered heavy losses on Tuesday as news of China’s virus outbreaks gone viral.

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If you own an Android or iOS smartphone then there’s a chance that you might have seen a pop-up window that says “your system is heavily damaged by four virus”. It looks like an authentic.

WARNING! Your System is Heavily Damaged by Four Virus | Virus AlertCoronavirus: shares in Asia Pacific fall sharply as fears mount – Memories of 2003’s Sars outbreak cause jitters on financial markets, with Hong Kong worst hit, as death toll rises to four.

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Those stocks closely tied to China, such as the heavy weight miners and oil stocks were the hardest hit.

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Global markets were plunged back into risk-off mode as the rapid spread of a deadly, Sars-like virus left investors rattled .

LIVE MARKETS-Ponzi Market? – (1512 GMT) The fear of missing out virus is spreading across stock markets with global.

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