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In 2013, a copy of the carding forum carder[dot]pro was leaked online. Forum records show that the [email protected] address was used by a member who picked the username “Zack,” and who told.

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A new data leak – confirmed to be legitimate by LeakedSource and added to its searchable online database – affects nearly 100 million users of Rambler.ru, one of the biggest Russian web portals.

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LeakedSource has revealed that 98 million Rambler.ru accounts have surfaced, four years after Russia’s version of Facebook was compromised in 2012. The records were shared with the breach.

Today, LeakedSource revealed that it had received a copy of a February 2012 dump of the user database of Rambler.ru, a Russian search, news, and e-mail portal site that closely mirrors the.

serg3707@rambler.ruKrebs on Security – In 2013, a copy of the carding forum carder[dot]pro was leaked online. Forum records show that the [email protected] address.

Roughly 100 million accounts of popular Russian search engine and portal Rambler.ru were recently leaked online, according to a report by LeakedSource. According to them, back in February 2012.

According to LeakedSource, 98m account credentials from Rambler.ru are publicly open 4 years after hackers compromised the Facebook version of Russia during 2012. An individual who revealed the.

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