Random Facebook Friend Requests

Facebook has built a new app that allows.

And if you’re not so keen on the idea of getting a friend request from the random guy standing next to you at the bus stop, fret not.

Now you’ve got a dangerously random group of friends.

especially people who use Facebook to network, are reluctant to turn down a friend request.

He claimed he was getting a ride to a friend’s house to stay for the night when the vehicle was stopped.

District Attorney.

A drunken 2012 Facebook friend request from a Dave Blow in England to all the Dave Blows in the world recently.

So, who does something like this? Who responds to random same-named person and then.

Obviously you won’t text your friend.

request. This offers an additional layer of security and can be done to different degrees of complexity starting from a plain text shared secret like Slack or.

The “Friend” You Only Spent 5 Minutes With – Then, a random guy walks to your table.

Congrats, you just made a new friend! After you accept Albert’s requests, you open Facebook. First post: Albert uploaded a new profile picture.

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Mainly Facebook. I like to consider myself an.

I have liked, poked, commentated on posts and ignored random friend requests. And I’ve even avoided FarmVille for all those years.