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Computer Cannot start – Difficult at this distance. Re-build the system from scratch – like from the Windows CD/DVD or from the restore partition if you have one. If you do have a Windows disk, you can boot from it and try.

Fbi Warning On My Phone Get the latest tech updates and breaking news on the go, straight to your phone, with the Komando.com App, available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. "I think efforts like this are important to try to help the public and policy makers understand what is going on," Jim Baker, NORFOLK, Va. (AP) –

I had to re-install windows xp professional on my son’s dell laptop computer. After re-installing xp pro, it automatically popped up and asked for service pack 2.

I have bought a new pc with xp pro sp2 preinstalled every thing is networked i can map the drive open a windows and see the files but when i need to open a file the windows hangs or file shares are.

So I’m having a problem with my computer running slow and it seems to stem from multiple iexplore.exe instances running even though I use firefox and never use IE. It is really jamming up my system, I.

So last night I decided to add an older HDD into my new desktop to.

well add more storage since games now-a-days are HUGE, and I was running out on my current 2 drives (main SSD with Windows 10, and.

I’m getting so frustrated. Here is what I try to accomplish: a clean install of the x64 Version Windows XP on my newly built PC, where I disconnected my Sata 750Gb disk to avoid further complications,

Please help — I have tried every solution I could find on the Internet and nothing has worked. I get no audio from YouTube or any Flash video, but regular audio.

My computer is hacking others – Over this last weekend I picked up a few different Trojans and BackDoor viruses, for a total of 5. They sat in my windows assembly folder and attacked my Trend Micro anti virus. My computer would lock.