I newly installed VB6 and Visual Studio 2012 Premium. OS – Windows 7. I want to add Listview control to my form. For this when i add reference to MS Windows common.

What is the error? Most likely vb6 programs are just too old to run on windows 8, but that is just my guess. Try INNO. It’s free and very good. Depending on the OCX files in your program, you will.

Invalid address specified to RtlValidateHeap – I’m using VC++ 2010 and Window 7 64-bit. In my project, I have 2 DLLs and one EXE (all being build 32-bit). They’re all using the same runtime library (Multi-Threaded Debug) and I have checked that.

Fake Google Virus Warning On Phone “A quick google search is all it takes to spot fake information. “ Another chain message saying that establishments have. The download pages for these fake applications will use icons, text and imagery of the real app to add authenticity and. Developers of malicious mobile apps are arguably some of the most creative people you’ll

Urgent help on VB6 Datareport issue on other computers – Hello I have created a installer package of my project build in Visual Basic 6.0. I have using Advance Installer for making package. every thing works perfectly on other systems but a minor problem in.

I have an error when start debugging an application "Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {00853A19-BD51-419B-9269-2DABE57EB61F} failed due to.

Alright, I decided to try ClanLib. I’ve been reluctant to use it, because it requires Visual C++, which is foreign to me. I usually use Code::Blocks. Anyway, I’m trying to get the hang of VC++. It.

I’m new to Visual Studio & trying to build an application in it for the first time. The code compiles. I used to get the error load from the debugger as a result of.

I’m having trouble with this program from right out of the book. Its just supposed to write an integer array to a file that it creates. I’ve compiled it without any errors, but when I try to run it,